Algorithms and Computational Methods for Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks
December 15-18, 2004     Recife, BRAZIL


  • The breakpoint distance for signed sequences
    G. Blin, C. Chauve, and G. Fertin

  • Pattern Matching on Weighted Sequences
    M. Christodoulakis, C. Iliopoulos, L. Mouchard, and K. Tsichlas

  • Identification of Maximal Common Connected Sets of Interval Graphs and Tree Forests
    F. Coulon and M. Raffinot

  • Bounded List Injective Homomorphism for Comparative Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction Graphs
    I. Fagnot, G. Lelandais, and S. Vialette

  • Sequence patterns associated with disordered regions in proteins
    S. Lise and D. T. Jones

  • A Petri net formalism for multi-valued logical regulatory graphs
    E.Remy, C. Chaouiya and D. Thieffry

  • Shuffling Biological Sequences with motifs constraints
    Riviere, Barth, Cohen, and A. Denise

  • Effects of perturbations on dynamical properties of biological networks
    G. Stoll and F. Naef

Last update: October 1, 2004