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December 15-18, 2004     Recife, BRAZIL

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Getting to Recife

Most international flights to Brazil have São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro as their destiny. You can easily take a flight to Recife from one of those two cities. However, both of them are situated in the Southeast region of Brazil, more than 2500km far from Recife. From Europe, it might be better to come from Lisbon to Recife. There are some other options of international flights arriving at the Northeast region in the table below.

It may also be helpful to check the so-called "code share" system offered by TAM. This Brazilian Air Company has got agreements with some international companies, such as AirFrance, American Airlines and TAM Mercosur. The main aim of the "code share" system is to make flight connections easier for the passengers. (click for US cities participating of "code share" system)

International flights arriving at the Northeast


National flights to Recife

FromApproximate Flight Duration (non-stop)
Rio de Janeiro2h45
São Paulo3h

US cities participating of TAM / American Airlines code-share system:

TAM's site)
Last update: October 1, 2004