Algorithms and Computational Methods for Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks
December 15-18, 2004     Recife, BRAZIL

Guidelines for Preparing the Final Version

Final versions of accepted papers should be sent as attachment of an e-mail addressed to in electronic format according to the following formats and rules.

a) ASCII text using plain LaTex.
b) PC Word for Windows, version 6/95 or Word97. Please, check the standard style. Avoid creating special symbols, since this may introduce errors in the paper. Use only Times 11 and Symbol fonts.

In either case, the authors should indicate the option chosen, in the subject of the message.

General Format

We refer you to this example for the appearance of the title page, session numbering, references, etc.

Additionally, we ask you to, please, take the following instructions into account. You can include any information that is necessary for the article to be understandable, including an appendix, as long as it does not exceed 20 pages.

Figure format

Authors should avoid color figures, since the paper (printed) version is printed in black and white. If unavoidable, colors must be defined with enough contrast to allow readers to see graphic details.

Figures should be preferably drawn using a vector-style editor and not a bitmap editor. All lettering in the figures should be large enough to permit legibility once it is reduced. Captions should not be included in the pictures, to avoid conflicts with the final typeset captions. If a figure is essentially composed of text (e.g., tables) then it should not be drawn, but typed inside the main text.

Instructions for submission in LaTex or ASCII

Either send each file in a separate email message OR create a (unix) '.tar' file containing all files. For those submitting in LaTex or ASCII, the paper must be sent in several files, as follows:

  • Paper.text -- text only, WITHOUT FIGURES
  • -- complete version, in postscript format, with sections and figures in their correct position.
  • Figure files -- ONE SEPARATE FILE for each figure, WITHOUT CAPTIONS. Accepted formats are PS, EPS, or GIF.
Last update: October 1, 2004